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Sustainable Valentine's Day Outfits

JANUARY 25, 2020


 Valentine's, Galentine's - or Whenever!


Our Valentine's Collection is inspired by the traditional gift of roses. Roses symbolize different emotions based on their color so we've selected 7 pieces each in red, white and pink that'll change your mood from hi to HELLO! Being sustainable is just a bonus! Mixed or styled monochrome, you can wear them whenever you need a vibe check - no date needed!.



   Seeing Red

Red invokes passion, love and excitement. It is always on trend and grabs our attention in any hue. These pieces are fiery, bold and sure to make your heart race. 




Sustainable Valentines Day Outfits Red

    1. Zipper Clutch Red $110

2. Easy Pant in Redwood $110

3. Everyday Jumpsuit in Redwood $78

4.Base Coat Nail Polish in Aries $20

5.Stephanie Dress $124

6. Hemp Crop Tee in Redwood $38

7. Fiona Bag Red $195




 The Rose Less Taken

White is the ultimate fashion risk! Like the symbolism of the white rose, wearing this color is a commitment - to not spilling anything on yourself! People who rock angelic shades of pearl, cream, and ivory are seen as pure and especially brave. 



Sustainable Valentines Day Outfits White

    1. Boxy T-Shirt $80

2. Joy Dress in Oatmeal $155

3. Wristlet Clutch Ecru $135

4. Beloved Dress in Ivory $165

5. Cindy Pearl Shoe $575

6.Tititiene Wrap Blouse in Bone $132

7. Half-Moon Bag White Sand $198




  Galerie.LA Pink

Here at Galerie. LA we have a soft spot for rosy tones - even our gift bags are Millennial pink! A pink rose is flirty and a symbol of admiration. Wednesday or not- fun and happiness radiates from a person who wears the blush hue on their cheeks and on their sleeve.



  Suutainable Valentines Day Outfit Pink

  1. Fiona Bag Blush $195

2.Rosa Scarf $198

3. Marjorie Slip Dress in Raspberry $178

4. Louise Dress in Pink $198

5.Dusty Pink Organic Cotton Crop Bra $35

6. Meria Sunglasses Coral Pink $95

7. Sienna Tencel Cropped Sweatshirt $68


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