Amid the Civil Rights movement of our generation, I began to question how do I show up and actively amplify Black-owned businesses in sustainable clothing, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle spaces. I didn't want to see "supporting Black-owned businesses" be just another moment that came and went or an Instagram trend that got buried in the algorithm. Dismantling systemic racism is an ongoing effort that will take time, organization, and resources to reimagine new systems and level the playing field. As a Black woman myself, I know how hard it is to start and grow a sustainable company in a market that caters to mostly white people. It's time that Black-owned brands get the visibility they deserve.


You asked over and over, "how can I help?" Well, I listened and created the GLA Goodie Bag to make sure that we're diversifying our shelves and supporting Black-owned businesses long-term. I'll be doing what I do best at GALERIE.LA and that's curation! Each month we will feature a Black-owned business that aligns with our sustainable values. My goal is to introduce you to new sustainable brands and get dollars into these Black-owned businesses at a time when they need it most. We're still in COVID-19 days, and Black-owned businesses are disproportionately affected by the pandemic.


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Dechel, GALERIE.LA's Founder will thoughtfully hand-select a sustainable product for your home, lifestyle, and wellness from a Black-owned business to feature each month. You'll be able to shop these products directly through GALERIE.LA. Enjoy free shipping on all orders while our retail store is closed.


We believe less is more! Our featured products will be full size (not samples) for you to indulge in for months to come. And as always, any brands we carry at GALERIE.LA will always align with our sustainable values.


Get to know Black founders and their stories each month with interviews on our blog and virtual Q&A's on our Instagram Live. Listening and learning is key however, taking action is what's required. AKA buying from Black-owned businesses, sharing their products and stories with your family, friends, and co-workers, and following and engaging with them on social media. Being anti-racist is work, and these are just a few ways to take an active stance in dismantling oppressive racist structures.


Sign-up for our newsletter to get alerts on monthly GLA Goodie Bag drops. As we grow this offering, we'll feature limited edition, exclusive collaborations you can only get at GALERIE.LA.


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Sustainability is both global and local in scope. Environmental impacts range from global climate change to local pollution in neighborhoods. The footprint of the global supply chains as seen in industries like fashion, not only has a negative impact on the communities where clothing is produced (ex: pollution of local bodies of water with toxic chemicals), it's effecting garment workers who are often BIPOC employed by these companies who don't pay fair, living wages.


The costs associated with non-sustainable businesses and practices are not distributed equally. The people who live, work and play in America's most polluted environments are commonly people of color and disadvantaged communities. Non-sustainable businesses should be required to share the responsibility of reconstructing resources, preventing and negating environmental impacts for the communities in which they operate and manufacture.


The more diversity, inclusion, and representation there is in workplaces, businesses, and corporations, the bigger the impact we can have for our planet and all people. By bringing together diverse groups, we can actively see sustainable goals being met and new approaches to how social and environmental injustices are solved to benefit all communities. We'll say it again, sustainability is both global and local.




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