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Fiddle Fish's Sage Leaf candle is a small batch, hand poured soy candle all made in upcycled container. The label is are all personalized with a stamp indicating the batch and candle number from which it was poured. This is because Fiddle Fish works with limited recycled materials and want to showcase each candle's uniqueness. Every candle is clean burning creating less toxins along with black soot and smoke in the air of your home.

  • A blend of wild jasmine, white roses, french lavender and bergamot with a hint of pine needles.  This scent is sweet and earthy.  

    LARGE: 16oz jar | approx. 150+ hours

  • Ingredients: Natural Soy Wax, ECO Cotton Wick, Fragrance Oil. 

  • NOTE: Fiddle Fish works with donated recycled jars. Size and jar styles will vary. 

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