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Vote With Your Dollar AND With Your Ballot

NOVEMBER 01, 2018

Why We Care:

Here at Galerie.LA we're huge proponents of mindfulness, particularly when it comes to fashion. We believe your closet can have a massive impact on the world. This passion is reflected in our sustainable value badges. Everything we carry falls under at least one key value; Eco-friendly, ethical, local, artisan, vegan, and recycled.

When you shop conscientiously, you vote with your dollar. Another crucial way to vote? With your ballot.


Why Vote?

A Gallup Survey found that a single American voter is four times likelier to cast the decisive presidential vote than win the lottery.

You can absolutely make a difference. 


Too Much Information Out There 

In elections, the massive information overload can make it tempting to simply throw in the towel and not vote at all. 

We want to make the information as easily digestible as possible. With this in mind, we made a list of incredible sources that are fantastically comprehensive and user friendly. 


              Voter information has never looked so good. Great graphics, great  



    For our California Babes

             A collaboration of The League of Women Voters of California and the

             California State Library.

             Complete list of L.A. times endorsements for the November 6th election. 

             Passionate about facilitating well informed decisions. 


    Look Good At the Polls 

    Searching for the perfect outfit to place your "I Voted" sticker on? Stop by Galerie.LA for a patriotic fit to take the polls by storm.


    Shop The Patriotic Fits 

    • Look One

             Shirt Dress + Jane Loafer + Denim JacketHalf Moon Bag 

    • Look Two

             Denim Jumpsuit + Natural Cross Body + Simple Sandal 


    Grab a pal and do the dang thing! 


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