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Easy Veganism: Wisdom from a Vegan Blogger

NOVEMBER 24, 2018

It’s vegan month! Therefore it was a no brainer to speak with vegan blogger Sarah Lea. Sarah’s incredibly kind with a wide range of knowledge. Read on to hear her top LA picks and advice on veganism. 

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Name: Sarah Lea

Age: 24

From: South Africa

Instagram: thesarahlea

Best place in LA to get vegan food?

Jewel Silverlake

Top picks From Galerie.LA’s vegan selection?

Advice to someone trying to go vegan?

  1. Having this essential knowledge: All protein comes from plants, the only reason meat has protein is because that animal was a herbivore and ate plants. This means that a whole food, plant based diet is not only the more ethical choice but also the healthiest.
  2. No one’s perfect, give yourself time to make the full transition. Wanting to make the transition is commendable, be kind to yourself!

What does being sustainable mean to you?

  1. Being responsible for the repercussions of my choices.
  2. Knowing exactly what’s required for the production of things I buy or consume.
  3. Do the repercussions of my choices sustain life or destroy it?  

For example: It takes 24 gallons of water for 1 pound of grain versus 2400 gallons of water for 1 pound of beef.

Are the choices to eat meat having a positive or negative repercussion on the environment? Are those choices sustaining life on earth? Are my choices creating deforestation, climate change, flooding, pain inflicted on animals and having a negative impact on the women and children who make the clothing? And if so, choosing differently because it’s all just that simple, it’s a choice.

Sarah Says Choose Wisely:

We need a healthy world and healthy people in order to have food on one's plate and clothes on one's back. It all starts with you and I choosing wisely.

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