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Q&A Simple Sustainability: Practical Advice From An Ethical Blogger

FEBRUARY 08, 2019

Whether you've been into sustainable fashion for years or you've just been introduced to it, the notion can feel daunting. How does one avoid this feeling? Talk about it! Through shared advice, tips, and tricks, the concept of sustainability gets more digestible and obtainable.


In the spirit of knowledge being power, GALERIE.LA asked Kara Fabella, an ethical fashion blogger, her advice on sustainable fashion.



What was the best piece of fashion advice you've ever received?

When mulling over a potential purchase, always think back on what you already have in your closet, and if it doesn’t go with at least 5 pieces then on to the next.

What are your top two picks from GALERIE.LA's new arrivals?

I've been eyeing the Fiona Bag in tan and the Jenny Shirt Dress. Both totally go with my warm and neutral tone aesthetic and are well structured items.



What's your go-to outfit?

A true, high rise straight/wide leg pant, a well fitted bodysuit or crop top, a statement pair of earrings, and city walkable heels AKA not stilettos. ;)


What does being sustainable mean to you?

For me, it means the decision to live consciously, whether it’s questioning the purchases I make and where I decide to shop, consuming the food I eat, or the way I take care of others and this planet. It seems like a general statement, but it’s true. It’s not often that people take a step back at their daily habits and think, why do I have this much in my closet (thank goodness for Marie Kondo!) or am I really that lazy that I can’t get up and cook what’s already in my kitchen? That last one I’m still working on.

What tips would you give to someone trying to achieve a more sustainable life?

I was, and still sometimes am, really hard on myself for not leading a fully sustainable life. At the same time, I know I’m doing my best on a tight budget. A lot of sustainable fashion brands are out of the wider demographic's price range, of course for many ethical and humane reasons. There are so many ways to be sustainable specifically in fashion that don't require you to break the bank, like vintage shopping, capsule collections, and simply repurposing what you already have. It may, at first, seem less glamorous or appealing, but it becomes one of those good habits you keep.

One tip I found helpful was unsubscribing from everything in my emails a while back. There are other ways that all the marketing campaigns can get to you, but having a clear inbox can do wonders for bad shopping habits.

Additionally, if someone is starting on the path towards a sustainable lifestyle, I would say don't let all the horrific environmental facts on the news discourage you.  It can be overwhelming and crippling. You are responsible for your decisions to compost, to recycle, to say no to plastic straws in restaurants, to eat certain foods, to shop ethically, etc. You can't quit engrained daily habits cold turkey. But, if the way you're leading your life somehow influences the choices of the people around you, then you are doing your part. You are building that community, and you are creating a ripple effect.

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