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Q&A Simple Sustainability: Practical Advice From Gracemade Creative Director

JULY 16, 2019

Whether you've been into sustainable fashion for years or you've just been introduced to it, the notion can feel daunting. How does one avoid this feeling? Talk about it! Through shared advice, tips, and tricks, the concept of sustainability becomes both digestible and obtainable. 

In the spirit of knowledge being power, GALERIE.LA asked Jasmine Rennie, Gracemade Creative Director, her advice on sustainable fashion. 


What was the best piece of fashion advice you've ever received?

Make it look easy. Everything you do should seem effortless and graceful. 

What are your top two picks from GALERIE.LA's new arrivals?

I'm currently obsessed with the Joy Dress and Shalom Jumpsuit. They're the ultimate effortless pieces that make you look incredible without even trying. Both of these styles are produced locally in Los Angles, and are made from deadstock fabric, meaning we upcycle fabric that would otherwise end up as waste. 


Shalom Jumpsuit

Joy Button Front Dress

What's your go-to outfit?

For me comfort is key so I love to throw on the Shalom Jumpsuit w/o the tie, a comfy mule or loafer, and simple - but one-of-a-kind accessories that give the look a subtle pop.

What does being sustainable mean to you?

Being sustainable for me means being a responsible steward of the earth, and treating people with the utmost respect and kindness - two principles that as a faith-driven brand are core values. When you know better, you do better.

What tips would you give to someone trying to achieve a more sustainable life?

I would say to first do your research and get educated on sustainability. There is so much great information out there that touch on things like the negative impacts of fast fashion to eco-friendly textiles. It can feel overwhelming at first, but simply starting somewhere is a great first step.


Follow Jasmine on Instagram @thegracemade for sustainable fashion inspiration.

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