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International Women's Day: 10 Female Founded, L.A. Brands We Love

MARCH 03, 2020


 Who Runs The World?

Dust your shoulders off ladies because we run this! Women are the most powerful consumers in the economy. With all this control, why not put our money into the pockets of other women? Supporting female founded companies isn't all about spending, following their social channels and sharing their content both on and offline are all ways to help! 

 To celebrate International Women's Day we put together a giveaway with 10 powerful women-owned brands in Los Angeles. Continue reading to learn more about the brands we partnered with this year, give them a follow or stop by their businesses and say hi sometime! 

Checkout our giveaway brand partners below. You can enter the giveaway HERE

Back Beat Co.

Back Beat Co. is a 100% California born and raised lifestyle brand created by Isadora Alvarez. The focus on easy wearable tees and sweatshirts infused with vintage-inspired details done in a fresh and modern way. Low impact - High comfort. Shop select styles from Back Beat Co. HERE.






  CLED stands for Conscious Lifestyle Earth Friendly & Ethical Design, which they believe in and are committed to. They proudly use sustainable, cruelty-free and discarded materials in their design and production while valuing transparency in all aspects of their business. They give back to charities like Coral Reef Alliance and Defenders of Wildlife. Shop our curated CLED accessories HERE.






Flask and Field

  Flask and Field is passionate about sharing products that enhance enjoyment, urge togetherness and simplify better living. The ROW DTLA shop is a modern destination for the discover of wine, spirits, art, and design founded by entertainment attorney Miriam Yoo. 





Hey Moon Designs

 Hey Moon Designs integrates different elements to create statement jewelry with minimal design that focuses on earthy tones + geometrical shapes. Each piece is hand-marbled, formed, and assembled by, Scarlet Penaloza in her apartment in Los Angeles. Hey Moon is inspired by the beauty of absolutely everything. When she's not rolling clay, she works in a special education class and is also a graduate student studying rehabilitation counseling. 





HFS Collective

 HFS Collective is a modern company founded in 2012 by mother-daughter team Debra and Rachel Denniston in Los Angeles. They believe in taking responsibility and consideration in the welfare of our planet in the development of each of their products. They are committed to sustainability and source only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly materials. Shop our select HFS pieces HERE.






Par En Par

Inspired by the duality of relaxation and effort, Par en Par (short for “de par en par” or “doors wide open” in Spanish) designs inherently versatile resort wear. Their collections balance elegance with ease and durability with lightness, creating purposeful clothing that’s adaptive to any journey. Par en Par's design ethos is simple: create with intention. They carefully source fabrics and cultivate relationships with sustainable weavers in India, selecting breathable, handwoven cottons that always pack beautifully. You can shop their effortless pieces HERE






San Junipero

San Junipero is a design and textile Studio in Los Angeles, CA. The founder, Bekka, originally from New York, received her BFA in Fashion at The Savannah College of Art and Design. San Junipero's designs thrives off of the inspiration of our surroundings: the desert, the mountains, the ocean, and the surrounding plants + animals, promoting travel and exploration throughout every product.





Selva Negra

 Selva Negra was founded in 2016 in a tiny Brooklyn apartment in Crown Heights. Their collection represents drive, holistic energy, united empowerment, careful craftsmanship, and engineered comfort. Designers, Kristen Gonzalez and Sam Romero found an immediate connection after meeting in New York post-graduation from FIT (KG) and Parsons (SR). They unite their Annie Hall tomboy style and bold feminine identity to embody a collection that aims to support women and their individuality. Influenced by their Latina heritage, they support their collection with intentionality and strength to combine a collective of honest and mindful products made in Los Angeles, California.






Sotela is an inclusive clothing brand and community that celebrates humans in all their forms. Sotela's pieces are forgiving. Their sizing focuses on fit instead of labeling; never using the words small, medium, or large. They champion body appreciation and celebrate strength and resilience through their For All Community. They use eco-friendly fabrics that have minimal environmental impacts such as tencel, modal, and linen. Everything is hand-made from start to finish in their California studio.





 The Things We Do

When it comes to beauty and self care, we've heard the phrase THE THINGS WE DO echoed from one woman to another, like a secret password to womanhood. Founder Vanessa Lee uses it in reference to all the crazy things we have heard other women do, or have done ourselves for the sake of refinement. Women have plucked, waxed, cramped, squeezed, lasered, poked, and birthed. The Things We Do wants you to know that they will help guide you to safe and effective options meant exactly for you with natural intention. The Things We Do is a beauty concept bar where healthy skin and facial balance are aligned. 



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