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Inspiring Women: Rachel Schwartzmann

AUGUST 05, 2019




For the aspiring ladyboss, Rachel is a fantastic example of success that comes from putting in the work and staying dedicated to your passion. Rachel is a natural storyteller who has used her own media company, The Style Line, to provide a platform for everyday sheroes to share how creative elements like fashion, style and art play an important role in some of the world’s bigger conversations. 

We have admired the grit and resiliency of Rachel for many years, as The Style line has grown from a Tumblr page in 2011 to their present evolution as a thriving content company championing storytelling with style. Through community-building, they strive to “show young creative people that they can leave an imprint in the world…simply by doing what they love.” Her dynamic style and passion for the bigger picture have brought together women all over the world and inspired thousands of people. 

Rachel’s dedication to women empowerment is what makes her a woman who rules. Rachel shared on The Style Line that the best part of storytelling is that “whether it exists within the confines of a web address or comes to life in the walls of your home address, it is something you can craft and carry (beyond any place or platform) no matter where you end up next.”

The Style Line is published weekly and tackles topics that pertain to design, sustainability, culture, and small business ownership through perspective of personal style. 

Join us Thursday, August 8 for The Style Line’s 6th Anniversary for the opportunity to meet the founder, enjoy a special performance by Sister, and chat inspiration.

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