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Inspiring Women: Joanna Waterfall

AUGUST 08, 2019

Joanna Waterfall


You know those people who tend to impact you because they just seem to shine bright, so full of encouragement? Well, Joanna is one of those people—incredibly positive and brilliant in all she says. Which is why she started her own platform, The Yellow Conference, which stands as a social space for creative, entrepreneurial women who are working towards advancing the common good. 

We first got whim of Joanna at a West Elm Women In Business event which she hosted. And since then, have joined her community of creative and entrepreneurial women who gather via social media, email, events and conferences. The entire endeavor serves to create a space that brings creative women together from across the globe who are passionate to do good for their world within their everyday lives. Essentially, Joanna’s work of developing such a platform has a contagious effect: she is helping establish a collective impact through storytelling and sharing practical knowledge, all in which begins with each individual participant working towards her individualized maximum potential.

Joanna’s dedication to impacting females everywhere is what really makes her a woman who rules. As Joanna shared with The Good Trade, “I wanted to create a space...where purposeful, creative entrepreneurs could hear from women who were a few steps ahead of them, already making waves of good in the world."

The best part is, Joanna’s enthusiasm doesn’t end with her once-a-year conference. It has expanded to a quarterly membership collective gathering. As a member, you gain access to digital courses and speaker videos, first access to events, and a network of mentors who can help women's personal and professional aspirations. The Yellow Conference also publishes a weekly blog full of content that resonates well with our thoughts, with such topics as fast fashion, community & self-care and interviews with cool companies like Hand & Cloth. 

You're invited to The 6th Annual Yellow Conference in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles August 22 & 23. Our Founder Dechel Mckillian will be a featured panelist sharing her values and how they align with GALERIE.LA. We will be joined by other illustrious entrepreneurs like: AmyAnn Cadwell, Founder of The Good Trade; Liz Forkin Bohannon, Founder of Sseko Designs; Barrett Ward, Founder & CEO of ABLE; and Blythe Hill, Founder and CEO of the Dressember Foundation chatting inspiration, swapping stories and sharing ideas on how to make our life goals a reality. 

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