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Handmade Jewelry Designers We Love

FEBRUARY 10, 2020


Handmade is the way to go when looking for special jewelry for someone you adore or for yourself. Here is our round up of emerging designers that handcraft each piece with their unique eyes for design and with the planet in mind.




Amsha believes in making the world a better place for our people and our planet, one handmade piece at a time. All of their pieces are designed in their Portland, Oregon studio and delicately made by female artisans in Africa. Makers are provided with skills training, market access, fair pay, a collaborative work environment, and a path for economic independence.




1. Point Stacking Ring $25

2. Diamond Stacking Ring $25

3. Mpira Cuff $18

4. Lunar Ring Brass $25





CLED stands for Conscious Lifestyle Earth Friendly & Ethical Design, which they believe in and are committed to. They proudly use sustainable, cruelty-free and discarded materials in their design and production. They value transparency in all aspects of their business.




1. Avens Cuff Bracelet Olive Gold $192

2. Avens Earrings Trio $276

3.Polar Arch Hoop Earring $140

4. High Tide Chain Bracelet $160






Enji is about modern, minimal design that is made ethically and sustainably and gives back to the community. All pieces are made using only recycled gold and silver, ethically sourced and fair trade gemstones, chains and findings that are made in the USA and Italy. Their packaging and marketing materials are aslo made using recycled and biodegradable materials.






1. Rose Gold Paloma Earrings $450

2. Rose Gold Hashtag Earrings $198

3. Sabah Ring $475

4. Thema Earrings $85

5. Yellow Gold Hashtag Earrings $198

6. Yellow Gold Paloma Earring $450





Ethically produced in Los Angeles with the belief that adornment and beauty should be intertwined with sustainability and community. Eyde is created using a slow, mindful approach to design, using lost wax casting and other methods to create unique, wearable art. 


  1. Malka Ring $195

2. Artara Ring $145






TIN HAUS is a contemporary fine jewelry line that creates change and empowers. Sustainably handcrafted in Los Angeles to love and last a lifetime. As a zero-waste manufacturer, 95% of their materials are recycled which means that all scraps go to recycling facilities. Every piece of jewelry is handmade-to-order, to reduce waste.


1. Shen Bracelet $180

2. Lunar Star Hoop Earrings $180

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