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5 Fashion Brands That Bring Recycled Fabric To Life

JANUARY 07, 2020
What is deadstock fabric? Deadstock fabric is the left over fabric or textiles from fashion houses that will no longer be used for various reasons such as small defects, over buying, the textile is no longer useful for the company's designs, etc. Instead of being discarded into a landfill, some designers purchase this fabric and give it a second chance to be worn by recycling it for their fashion lines.

Here are 5 of our favorite brands that are bringing recycled fabric to life and saving gallons of water and resources from being wasted. What's not to love?


A faith-driven brand that delivers a fashion-forward interpretation of modest apparel. All Gracemade fabrics are currently sourced locally in Los Angeles. Instead of being dumped into a landfill (which can cause contamination to our groundwater and soil) , they incorporate deadstock fabric into the majority of their collection. 

Recycled Fabric Joy Dress Oatmeal   Recycled Fabric Shalom JumpsuitRecycled Fabric Beloved Dress Ivory
2. Shalom Jumpsuit $142


FAAN runs small batches of their all-wear apparel in Cleveland. They source deadstock fabrics, reuse scraps and dye their own natural fibers whenever possible. Their motto is, "Simple shapes for #EaachOther" making their apparel for everyone and to be worn for years to come.
Recycled Fabric Plaid Coat Recycled Fabric Boxy T-Shirt


Each piece of Love Faustine's upcycled collection is handmade in Los Angeles out of leftover fabric from the fashion industry, deadstock fabric or vintage garments. Everything is produced on a small scale and in limited edition. Every pattern and hand cut piece is made in their design studio Downtown Los Angeles. Then the garment is sewn lovingly by hand using local seamstresses who work from the comfort of their own homes. 
Recycled Fabric Soleil Robe Recycled Fabric Ynez Floral Dress Recycled Fabric Marjorie Slip Dress Raspberry
1. Soleil Robe $189



Conrado is dedicated to using only deadstock materials: from fabrics, thread, buttons and trims. Their materials are discarded from other brands and their factories. Using only these materials to repurpose and design with the environment in mind. Conrado pieces are produced in the Philippines in the designers mother's small, family-ran factory.
  Recycled Fabric Morgan Shirt Dress Grey Recycled Fabric Kate Jumpsuit Olive Recycled Fabric Lisa Low Back Dress Nude


 Plante was created as a fun project to work on by a sister duo, bringing together their combined experiences in fashion, fine art, and vintage apparel. They aim to make pieces that are wearable, fun, whimsical, ethical, and special- favorite pieces to be worn for many seasons. All pieces are produced in New York’s garment district, using natural, organic, or deadstock fabric.

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